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Kiss - 2014 Kiss 40 Years: Decades of Decibels

Kiss - Kiss 40 Years: Decades of Decibels (2014)
EAC | Flac(Image) + Cue + Log & M4A(Tracks) & MP3 CBR 320Kbps
2CD | The Island Def Jam Music Group, 06025871857-1 | ~ 1141 or 1147 or 376 Mb | Scans Included
Hard Rock / Arena Rock / Glam

Released just weeks after the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame succumbed and put "the hottest band in the world!" on their honor roll, the Kiss 40 compilation landed in order to celebrate four decades of rock & rollin' all night, and partying every day. The track list is filled with classics and desirable extras with hits like "Nothin' to Lose," "Beth," and "Lick It Up" appearing in their original studio and/or singles versions, while other blockbusters appear in alternate versions like "Detroit Rock City" in its Kiss Symphony: Alive IV recording and "God of Thunder" in demo form. This is partly due to the set's rule of "one track from every major album release" so that demo checks off 2001's The Box Set while the live version of "Room Service" takes care of the woeful comp You Wanted the Best, You Got the Best!. Even the four solo albums from 1978 get their due, and they fall heavily toward the Gene and Ace half of the band in terms of quality ("Radioactive" and "New York Groove" respectively) with Peter and Paul running way behind (only Kiss Army commanders will recall "You Matter to Me" or "Hold Me, Touch Me [Think of Me When We're Apart]"). Of special interest is the unreleased "Reputation," a "Christine Sixteen"-like rocker where Gene Simmons barks out the kind of sexy and self-serving lyrics for which he owns the patent ("She was young, and she loved me, she really couldn't live without me/She gave me all she could, she loves control"). All and all, Kiss 40 does a nice job following its odd song-per-album rule, and knocks off fringe releases like Sonic Boom Over Europe and Carnival of Souls: The Final Sessions with ease, but it takes a mega-fan to appreciate how well this task was executed, so consider its high score for those who know the Music from "The Elder" album inside and out. This is a triumph of format and the band's longevity, and not necessarily a knockout introduction. 

by David Jeffries, AMG

Tracklist CD1:

01. Nothin' To Lose (G. Simmons) 1974
02. Let Me Go, Rock 'N Roll (G. Simmons - P. Stanley) 1974
03. C'mon And Love Me (P. Stanley) 1975
04. Rock And Roll All Nite (Live From Detroit, MI/1975) (G. Simmons - P. Stanley) 1976
05. God Of Thunder (Demo Version) (P. Stanley) 1976
06. Beth (P. Criss - S. Penridge - B. Ezrin) 1976
07. Hard Luck Woman (P. Stanley) 1976
08. Reputation (Demo) (G. Simmons) 1977
09. Christine Sixteen (P. Stanley) 1977
10. Shout It Out Loud (Live At The L.A. Forum) (G. Simmons - P. Stanley) 1977
11. Strutter '78 (P. Stanley - G. Simmons) 1978
12. You Matter To Me - Peter Criss (J. Vastano - M. Morgan - V. Poncia) 1978
13. Radioactive - Gene Simmons (G. Simmons) 1978
14. New York Groove - Ace Frehley (R. Ballard) 1978
15. Hold Me, Touch Me (Think Of Me When We're Apart) - Paul Stanley (P. Stanley) 1978
16. I Was Made For Lovin' You (Single Edit) (P. Stanley - V. Poncia - D. Child) 1979
17. Shandi (P. Stanley - V. Poncia) 1980
18. A World Without Heroes (G. Simmons - P. Stanley - B. Ezrin - L. Reed) 1981
19. I Love It Loud (P. Stanley - V. Gusano) 1982
20. Down On Your Knees (P. Stanley - M. Japp - B. Adams) 1982
21. Lick It Up (P. Stanley - V. Vincent) 1983
22. Heaven's On Fire (P. Stanley - D. Child) 1984 

Tracklist CD2:

01. Tears Are Falling (P. Stanley) 1985
02. Reason To Live (P. Stanley - D. Child) 1987
03. Let's Put The X In Sex (P. Stanley - D. Child) 1988
04. Forever (P. Stamley - M. Bolton) 1990
05. God Gave Rock 'N' Roll To You II (R. Ballard - P. Stanley - G. Simmons) 1991
06. Unholy (Live/1992) (G. Simmons - V. Vincent) 1993
07. Do You Love Me? (Live From MTV Unplugged) (K. Fowley - B. Ezrin) 1996
08. Room Service (Live In Davenport, Iowa/1975) (P. Stanley) 1996
09. Jungle (Radio Edit) (P. Stanley - B. Kulick - C. Cuomo) 1997
10. Psycho Circus (Without Intro) (P. Stanley - C. Cuomo) 1998
11. Nothing Can Keep Me From You (D. Warren) 1999
12. Detroit Rock City (Live) The Melbourne Symphony Orchestra (P. Stanley) 2003
13. Deuce (Live From Burgettstown, PA) (G. Simmons) 2004
14. Firehouse (Live At B.C. Place Stadium, Vancouver) (P. Stanley) 2006
15. Modern Day Delilah (P. Stanley) 2009
16. Cold Gin (Live From Detroit, MI/2009) (A. Frehley) 2009
17. Crazy Crazy Nights (Live) (P. Stanley - A. Mitchell) 2010
18. Hell Or Hallelujah (P. Stanley) 2012

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Black Sabbath - 1980 Heaven And Hell (Japan 32PD-129)

Black Sabbath - Heaven And Hell (1980)
Year & Label: 1980/1986, Nippon Phonogram Co., Ltd. Japan | CD#: 32PD-129
Flac (image) | MP3 CBR 320 Kbps | Artwork (PNG, 300 dpi) | File-hosts:
Hard Rock/Heavy Metal | FLAC: 280 MB | Artwork: 25 MB | MP3: 100 MB | 5% WinRAR Recovery

Many had left Black Sabbath for dead at the dawn of the '80s, and with good reason — the band's last few albums were not even close to their early classics, and original singer Ozzy Osbourne had just split from the band. But the Sabs had found a worthy replacement in former Elf and Rainbow singer Ronnie James Dio, and bounced back to issue their finest album since the early '70s, 1980's Heaven and Hell. The band sounds reborn and re-energized throughout. Several tracks easily rank among Sabbath's all-time best, such as the vicious album opener, "Neon Knights," the moody, mid-paced epic "Children of the Sea," and the title track, which features one of Tony Iommi 's best guitar riffs. With Heaven and Hell, Black Sabbath were obviously back in business. Unfortunately, the Dio-led version of the band would only record one more studio album before splitting up (although Dio would return briefly in the early '90s). One of Sabbath's finest records.


Vocals : Ronnie James Dio
Guitar : Tony Iommi
Bass : Geezer Butler
Drums : Bill Ward

Produced and Engineered by Martin Birch.
Music written and arranged by Butler/Dio/Iommi/Ward.
Lyrics by Ronnie James Dio.
Recorded at Criteria Recording Studios, Miami, Florida.
Additional recording at Studio Ferber, Paris, France. 

Track List:

01. Neon Knights [3:54]
02. Children Of The Sea [5:36]
03. Lady Evil [4:27]
04. Heaven And Hell [6:59]
05. Wishing Well [4:07]
06. Die Young [4:46]
07. Walk Away [4:26]
08. Lonely Is The Word [5:48]

FLAC, image + atrwork or mp3 at
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Asia - 2010 Omega [King Record, KICP 1470]

Asia - Omega (2010)
EAC | Flac(Image) + Cue + Log & M4A(Tracks) & MP3 CBR 320Kbps
King Record, KICP 1470 | ~ 461 or 463 or 146 Mb | Scans(png, 300dpi) -> 89 Mb
Progressive Rock / Arena Rock

With the release of 2010's Omega by the reunited original lineup of Asia, the supergroup matches its output of two studio albums from its first go round. Vocalist/bass guitarist John Wetton, guitarist Steve Howe, keyboardist Geoff Downes, and drummer Carl Palmer were progressive rock all-stars who joined forces for the massively successful, chart-topping Asia in 1982 and Alpha in 1983 before splitting -- an inevitability for virtually every supergroup. The quartet re-formed in 2006, toured extensively, and issued a live album and DVD before releasing the strong studio album Phoenix in 2008. Omega is a conscious effort to shake up Asia's style a bit while remaining true to the band's DNA of soaring pop songs dazzlingly performed by virtuosos. Wetton's resonant voice (infinitely layered in chorus harmonies -- an Asia trademark) and tastefully effective bass guitar, Howe's spidery, fluid guitar lines, Downes' richly versatile keyboard parts, and Palmer's booming rhythmic bedrock are still in place, but producer Mike Paxman has stripped the sound down a smidgen in spots. "Finger on the Trigger" (originally recorded by Wetton and Downes for their Icon project in 2006) and "Holy War" are spirited hard rock volleys. "Through My Veins" is slyly catchy. "Listen, Children" is a cheery feel-good song sparked by uplifting lyrics and Downes and Howe's smooth tradeoffs at the end. "Light the Way" and "I Believe" both sound huge thanks to the '80s production feel wholly appropriate for Asia; in fact, "I Believe" would have fit nicely on either Asia or Alpha. The brooding "There Was a Time" is a highlight, and it's enhanced by a complex arrangement. "Emily," a song about unrequited love for a lesbian, is the unremarkable bonus track included on the digipack first pressing of Omega. Phoenix has better songs overall than Omega -- probably due to the initial excitement and creative surge spawned by the reunion -- but Omega satisfies, and longtime fans will enjoy it. Omega is undeniably -- and reliably -- Asia being Asia. 

by Bret Adams, AMG


01. Finger on the Trigger (4:30)
02. Through My Veins (5:09)
03. Holy War (6:00)
04. Ever Yours (4:05)
05. Listen, Children (5:57)
06. End of the World (5:39)
07. Light the Way (5:10)
08. I'm Still the Same (4:44)
09. There Was a Time (5:57)
10. Drop a Stone (bonus track) (5:09)
11. I Believe (4:43)
12. Don't Wanna Lose You Now (4:46)


Geoffrey Downes - Keyboards
Steve Howe - Electric, Acoustic and Steel Guitars
Carl Palmer - Drums and Percussion
John Wetton - Vocals and Bass Guitar

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Krokus - 2014 Long Stick Goes Boom. Live from da House of Rust

Krokus - Long Stick Goes Boom. Live from da House of Rust (2014)
EAC | Flac(Image) + Cue + Log & M4A(Tracks) & MP3 CBR 320Kbps
Sony Music, 88843024652 | ~ 540 or 542 or 176 Mb | Scans Included
Hard Rock / Heavy Metal

Recorded in front of a hometown crowd in Solothurn, Switzerland, Krokus bring the house down on their live album Long Stick Goes Boom: Live from da House of Rust. Playing off the energy of the frenzied crowd, the band delivers an energetic set that'll easily make listeners forget these guys have been at it for nearly 40 years. For fans who haven't been able to catch Krokus live, Live from da House of Rust bundles the stalwart rock band's stage presence into a nice little package, giving you the best seat in the house while they rip through a raucous set of, as singer Marc Storace declares it, "krok-n-roll." 
by Gregory Heaney, AMG


01. Long Stick
02. Hallelujah Rock’n'Roll
03. Go Baby Go
04. AM Woman
05. Tokyo Nights
06. Fire
07. Rock City / Betta Than Sex / Dog Song
08. Screaming In The Night
09. Hellraiser
10. Bedside Radio
11. Easy Rocker
12. Heatstrokes
13. Live For The Action
14. Hoodoo Woman


Marc Storace - vocals
Fernando Von Arb - lead guitar
Mark Kohler - rhythm guitar:
Mandy Meyer - lead & rhythm guitars
Chris Von Rohr - bass
Flavio Mezzodi - drums

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AC/DC - 2009 BackTracks (Box, 2CD + DVD) RESTORED

AC/DC - BackTracks (2009)
EAC Rip | FLAC, IMG+CUE+LOG | 980 MB | MP3 CBR 320 Kbps | 320 MB | Complete HQ Scans | PNG -> 330 MB
DVD -> NTSC, 720x480 (4:3), 29.97fps 5830Kbps | English (PCM 48kHz, stereo 1536Kbps) | 4.6Gb | 88 min.
Label: Sony Music/Columbia | Catalog Number: 88697540992 | RAR 3% Rec. |
... Box-Set, standard edition, 2CDs + 1DVD + 36 page booklet ...

As handsome as this package is -- or in the case of the super limited edition, housed in a working guitar amp, as ridiculous -- Backtracks is essentially just a clearinghouse for AC/DC rarities, rounding up all the released tracks and videos that have yet to appear on a collection, throwing in a full-length DVD of 2003 for good measure. In other words, it's a set designed for the kind of diehard who would purchase a box set housed in a working amplifier, but its pleasures aren't limited to the dedicated, particularly when it comes to early AC/DC. Prior to 1979's Highway to Hell, all the band's LPs differed in their Australian and international incarnations (one, 1975's TNT, was just cannibalized for other albums), so there are quite a few stray tracks -- a full 12, ranging from the priceless boogie "R.I.P. (Rock in Peace)" to the throwaway instrumental "Fling Thing," plus alternate takes of "High Voltage," "It's a Long Way to the Top," "Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap," and "Ain't No Fun (Waiting Round to Be a Millionaire)" (only available on the deluxe, giving another good reason to opt for the big set). The studio disc is rounded out by some OK latter-day tracks, highlighted by "Big Gun" from the Last Action Hero soundtrack and the nifty little rocker "Cyberspace," and it's quite nice to have all these cuts rounded up. If the live tracks aren't quite as noteworthy, it's largely because there have already been several live releases -- proper albums, box sets, and home videos alike -- but the quality of the two CDs is quite high, opening with a clutch of Bon Scott cuts before settling into a stretch from a dynamite set from Detroit's Joe Louis Arena in 1983, then finding the group trotting around the globe on the third disc. This is supplemented by a DVD dubbed Family Jewels 3, a disc that rounds up all the videos not on the original double-disc collection, including a pair of clips from 2008's Black Ice ("Rock N Roll Train," "Anything Goes"), and alternate takes of seven videos featured on the original compilation. Finally, Backtracks ends with that 2003 show, finding AC/DC in a relatively small venue in Munich, tearing through a concert that relies heavily on early classics. It's a set list that could pretty much be called a hardcore fan's dream, which makes it a fitting close to this box, because if this is anything, it's one for the fans, the ones who have stuck with the band though 35 years of unrelenting rock & roll. 
~ by Stephen Thomas Erlewine,

CD1 - Studio Rarities:
1. Stick Around (Released on Australian-only LP 'High Voltage') - 4:40
2. Love Song (Released on Australian-only LP 'High Voltage') - 5:15
3. Fling Thing (Released on Australian 7" single 'Jailbreak') - 2:00
4. R.I.P. (Rock In Peace) (Released on Australian-only LP 'Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap') - 3:36
5. Carry Me Home (Released on Australian 7" single 'Dog Eat Dog') - 3:57
6. Crabsody In Blue (Released on Australian LP 'Let There Be Rock') - 4:44
7. Cold Hearted Man (First released on Australian 7" single 'Rock 'N' Roll Damnation') - 3:36
8. Snake Eye (Released on Australian 12" single 'Heatseeker') - 3:17
9. Borrowed Time (First released on Australian 12" single 'That's The Way I Wanna Rock 'N' Roll') - 3:46
10. Down On The Borderline (Released on Australian 'Moneytalks 7", 12" and CD single) - 4:15
11. Big Gun (First released on World-Wide CD soundtrack 'Last Action Hero') - 4:20
12. Cyberspace (First released on Australian CD single 'Safe In New York City') - 2:56

CD2 - Live Rarities:
1. Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap (live) (Sydney Festival, 30 Jan. 1977) - 5:11 
2. Dog Eat Dog (live) (Apollo Theatre, Glasgow, 30 Apr. 1978) - 4:30 
3. Live Wire (live) (Hammersmith Odeon, London, 2 Nov. 1979) - 5:06
4. Shot Down In Flames (live) (Hammersmith Odeon, London, 2 Nov. 1979) - 3:29 
5. Back In Black (live) (Capital Center, Landover MD, 21 Dec. 1981) - 4:20
6. T.N.T. (live) (Capital Center, Landover MD, 20 Dec. 1981) - 3:53
7. Let There Be Rock (live) (Capital Center, Landover MD, 21 Dec. 1981) - 7:31
8. Guns For Hire (live) (Joe Louis Arena, Detroit MI, 18 Nov. 1983) - 5:23
9. Rock And Roll Ain’t Noise Pollution (live) (Joe Louis Arena, Detroit MI, 18 Nov. 1983) - 4:12
10. This House Is On Fire (live) (Joe Louis Arena, Detroit MI, 18 Nov. 1983) - 3:23
11. You Shook Me All Night Long (live) (Joe Louis Arena, Detroit MI, 18 Nov. 1983) - 3:27
12. Jailbreak (live) (Dallas TX, 12 Oct. 1985) - 13:22
13. Highway To Hell (live) (Tushino Airfield, Moscow, 28 Sept. 1991) - 4:00
14. For Those About To Rock (We Salute You) (live) (Tushino Airfield, Moscow, 28 Sept. 1991) - 6:55
15. Safe In New York City (live) (Phoenix AZ, 13 Sept. 2000) - 3:55

Track 1 released on Australia-only promo compilation 'Long Live The Evolution'
Track 2 first released on Australian 7" single 'Whole Lotta Rosie'
Track 3 first released on UK 7" single 'Touch Too Much'
Track 4 first released on UK 7" single 'Touch Too Much'
Track 5 first released on UK 12" single 'Let’s Get It Up'
Track 6 first released on UK 12" single 'Let’s Get It Up'
Track 7 first released on UK 12" single 'For Those About To Rock (We Salute You)'
Track 8 first released on UK 7" and 12" maxi single 'Who Made Who'
Track 9 first released on UK 12" single 'Nervous Shakedown'
Track 10 first released on UK 12" single 'Nervous Shakedown'
Track 11 first released on UK 12" single 'You Shook Me All Night Long'
Track 12 released on UK and European 12" single 'Shake Your Foundations'
Track 13 released on French mini CD '5 Titres Inedits En Concert'
Track 14 first released on European CD single 'Big Gun'
Track 15 first released on US Promo CD single 'Safe In New York City'

DVD - 'Family Jewels Disc Three'
Big Gun
Hard As A Rock
Hail Caesar
Cover You In Oil
Stiff Upper Lip
Satellite Blues
Safe In New York City
Rock N Roll Train
Anything Goes

It’s A Long Way To The Top (If You Wanna Rock ‘N’ Roll)
Highway To Hell
You Shook Me All Night Long
Guns For Hire
Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap (live)
Highway To Hell (live)

The Making Of Hard As A Rock
The Making Of Rock N Roll Train 

Box Set concept and production - John Jackson
Management - Alvin Handwerker for Prager and Fenton
Audio Productions - Sam Horsburg and Al Quagliery
Mastering - Cris Athens at Sterling Sound (NY)

DVD produced by John Jackson
Video restoration by David Mallet and Rocky Oldham
Post production producer - Deana Concilio
DVD authoring - Blink Digital

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Lez Zeppelin - 2007 Lez Zeppelin (Tribute to Led Zeppelin)

Lez Zeppelin - Lez Zeppelin (Tribute to Led Zeppelin)
EAC Rip | FLAC Image + Cue + Log - 375 MB | MP3 CBR @320 kbps - 119 MB | Full scans - 119 MB
Label: Emanation Records / Cutting Edge, Japan | Catalog.#: CTCR-14584 | Genre: Hard Rock

Lez Zeppelin is an all-female tribute act, performing the work of Led Zeppelin.

In June, 2005, Chuck Klosterman wrote an article for SPIN Magazine that featured Lez Zeppelin as a leading protagonist in a trend of all-female hard rock “tribute” bands. He referred to the group “the most powerful all-female band in rock history” and described the rise of bands like Lez Zeppelin as a “kind of multilayered cultural phenomenon.” . Stories about the group appeared in the Times of London, whose journalist called the band “the best new band I’ve seen all year, no question;” Reuters and, which ran a front page feature that called the group so “electrifying” they are “driving club audiences to a frenzy.”

In April 2007, after touring in the US and Europe the band released its first album, Lez Zeppelin, which was produced by Eddie Kramer, former recording engineer on several Led Zeppelin albums. In the wake of this release, the band was invited at festivals including the Download Festival in the UK; Rock am Ring and Rock im Park in Germany; and the Voodoo Festival in New Orleans.

The announcement in February 2008, that Lez Zeppelin would take the stage at the Bonnaroo Festival, was incorrectly reported by some news organizations, which stated that Led Zeppelin was to perform.

Throughout 2008, the group continued to tour in the U.S. and in the late fall made its first visit to Japan to promote the release of its debut record. In March 2009, Lez Zeppelin played a benefit concert in Mumbai. In 2010, the band headed back into the studio to record a second album.

In late 2007, the band (then consisting of Steph Paynes, Sarah McLellan, Helen Destroy and Lisa Brigantino) recorded its first album containing six Led Zeppelin selections (one song from each of the first six albums) and two originals. The album was recorded at Electric Lady Studios in New York City with producer/engineer Eddie Kramer, best known for his work with Led Zeppelin and Jimi Hendrix, and was mastered by George Marino, who digitally remastered all of the original Led Zeppelin recordings with Jimmy Page. The album, released on Emanation Records, is distributed by Redeye Distribution. , and was also released and distributed in Japan by the Avex Music Group.

The group (consisting of Steph Paynes, Shannon Conley, Megan Thomas and Leesa Harrington-Squyres) returned to the studio in 2010 to record a second album with producers Perry Margouleff and William Wittman that serves as an incredible replication of Led Zeppelin’s 1969 debut. The album was recorded at Pie Studios in Glen Cove, New York, using all of the same analog gear and recording techniques, as well as the same vintage equipment used by Led in 1968. The album, released on Pie Records, is distributed by Redeye Distribution in the U.S. and was also released and distributed in Japan by the Avex Music Group.

Track Listing

01. Whole Lotta Love - 5:44
02. The Ocean - 4:37
03. On The Rocks (Instrumental) - 2:14
04. Since I've Been Loving You - 7:59
05. Rock And Roll - 3:53
06. Winter Sun (Instrumental) - 2:41
07. Communication Breakdown - 2:44
08. Kashmir - 8:46
09. Immigrant Song (Live - Bonus Track) - 3:58
10. The Rain Song (Live - Bonus Track) - 8:07


• Steph Paynes - Guitar, Theremin
• Leesa Harrington-Squyres - Drums
• Megan Thomas - Bass guitar, Mandolin, Keyboard
• Shannon Conley - Vocals, Harmonica

Released Date: 2007
Format: CD, Album, Tribute
Length: 50:44
Producer: Eddie Kramer

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Glenn Hughes - 2012 Live In Wolverhampton

Glenn Hughes - Live In Wolverhampton (2012)
EAC Rip | 2CDs | FLAC Image + Cue + Log - 1 GB | MP3 CBR @320 kbps - 344 MB | Full scans - 31.3 MB 
Label: Thompson Music Pty Ltd. / Edel | Catalog.#: 0206389ERE | Genre: Hard Rock

Two CD live album from 'the Voice Of Rock'. In June 2009, Glenn Hughes was invited to his hometown Bilston, Wolverhampton for a rocking dual-night concert. These two nights, full of his biggest and most legendary hits, led to unforgettable moments and an unbelievable once-in-a-lifetime atmosphere. The touching evening created a powerhouse of intimate, emotional and rocking good memories, as he remembered his friend and former Trapeze bandmember Mel Galley who recently passed away. Live in Wolverhampton is released for the first time and will definitely allow you able to re-live these electric and funky nights in Wolverhampton. Listen as though you were actually there; as if Glenn Hughes is presenting his own personal and brilliant career.

CD1 - Glenn's & Purple Classics

01. Muscle And Blood - 5:38
02. You Got Soul - 5:39
03. Love Communion - 6:04
04. Don't Let Me Bleed - 12:10
05. What's Going On Here - 6:02
06. Mistreated - 19:51
07. Crave - 5:14
08. Hold Out Your Life - 5:55

CD2 - A Night With Trapeze

01. Way Back To The Bone - 6:53
02. Touch My Life - 6:00
03. Jury - 9:28
04. Coast To Coast - 5:48
05. Seafull - 7:53
06. Good Love - 4:35
07. Your Love Is Alright - 14:52
08. Medusa - 7:53
09. You Are The Music - 7:30
10. Black Cloud - 8:40

Released Date: 2012
Recorded Date: 2009
Format: 2 x CD, Live album
Length: 66:33 (CD1) + 79:32 (CD2)

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38 Special - 1978 Special Delivery [Japanese LTD mini-Vinyl CD 2014]

38 Special - Special Delivery (1978) [Japanese LTD mini-Vinyl CD 2014]
EAC Rip | FLAC: Image+Cue+Log | 286 Mb | MP3 CBR 320 kbps | 112 Mb | Scans | Time: 32:50
Genre: Rock, Southern Rock | Label: A&M Records/Vivid Sound | Cat.№: VSCD-9169

Special Delivery was 38 Special's 1978 follow up to their self-titled debut. The album features songs that epitomize Southern rock styles ranging from hard rock to Southern boogie and anthemic ballads, like the acoustic guitar-driven "Take Me Back."
Track Listing

1. I'm A Fool For You (2:57)
2. Turnin' To You (4:00)
3. Travelin' Man (4:16)
4. I Been A Mover (4:21)
5. What Can I Do (4:28)
6. Who's Been Messin' (4:15)
7. Can't Keep A Good Man Down (3:17)
8. Take Me Back (5:16)

Produced by Dan Hartman

The Band

• Don Barnes - electric guitar and acoustic 12 string guitar, supporting vocals
• Jeff Carlisli - electric, acoustic and slide guitars
• Larry Junstrom - bass
• Steve Brookins - drums
• Jack Grondin - drums
• Donnie Van Zant - vocals

Bill Powell - piano on "I'm A Fool for You" & "Take Me Back"
Edgar Winter - sax solo "Can't Keep A Good Man Down"
Dale Krantz - additional vocals on "Travelin' Man"
Dan Hartman - additional vocals on "Who's Been Messin'" & "Can't Keep A Good Man Down"
Carl Hall, Dale Krantz, Louise Bethune - background vocals


Founding members of 38 Special, Jeff Carlisi, Don Barnes & Donnie Van Zant (guitars), Ken Lyons (bass), Jack Grondin (drums), and Steve Brookins (drums), all lived a few blocks away from each other. After touring relentlessly, in 1977 they signed a contract with A&M Records and released self-titled debut and second album Special Delivery through them. Unfortunately, although both were solid southern rock masterpieces, they failed to generate any remarkable sales.


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