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Metal Church - 3 Classic Albums Remastered (1984-1989) (2013, Japan WQCP-1437~9)

Metal Church - 3 Classic Albums Remastered (1984-1989)
Year & Label: 2013, Warner Music Japan Inc. | CD#: WQCP-1437~9
Flac (image) | MP3 CBR 320 Kbps | Artwork (JPG, 300 dpi) | File-hosts: Nitroflare.com
Thrash/Heavy Metal | FLAC: 1.1 GB | Artwork: 80 MB | MP3: 340 MB | 5% WinRAR Recovery

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Metal Church - Metal Church (1984)
Year & Label: 2013, Warner Music Japan Inc. | CD#: WQCP-1437
FLAC: 350 MB | Artwork: 20 MB | MP3: 100 MB

How f#cking sweet is that album cover? It's almost as epic and amazing as the music on the record, which should alone tell you how brilliant "Metal Church" is. In 1984, there was a trifecta of power metal albums, with the two others being Omen's "Battle Cry" and Jag Panzer's "Ample Destruction" (Though, there were several other fantastic records of the US power metal genre), but Metal Church's debut record makes those two legendary records seem nearly obsolete. This album is that damn great. Every single aspect of what makes an album awesome is present here, from the vocals, the riffs, drumming, aura, and everything in between, there isn't a single complaint that could be made about these power metallers (They weren't a thrash band, despite the popular belief, which dictates that they are) and the flawless record that they created. The riffs are insane, whether they're the thrashing ones on "Battalions" and the greatest instrumental ever composed, "Merciless Onslaught," or the simple midpaced ones that are prominent on the title track. There's simply no way to deny the catchiness of each riff, but you've got to give credit Kirk Arrington on drums, because his drumming is equally terrific. The fills that can be found on the intro to "Hitman," as well as the intense and thunderous rhythms on "Merciless Onslaught" make all of the riffs that much better. David Wayne's vocals are another fantastic compliment to the music as they bring a different feeling on just about every track. His clean singing on "Gods of Wrath" is top-notch and can be compared to some of the genre's best pure singers, while his fast-paced vocals on "Hitman" and "(My Favorite) Nightmare" are more like those of an early thrash band. In addition to the thrashier songs and catchy, simple power metal tunes, there are some much more epic tracks that blow away songs by the much more epic-styled European power metal bands. The album opener "Beyond the Black" begins with a stellar clean guitar introduction that serves as the backdrop to the sample vocals, before turning into a midpaced riff that is guaranteed to get your headbanging, as well as some incredible solos (Which is a common theme on this album, as every song has awesome solos). "Gods of Wrath" also switches effortlessly between clean passages and beautiful vocals, and heavy riffage that balances out perfectly. The description of Metal Church's debut album is nearly pointless, because the only thing that really needs to be said is that it is perfect and if you don't realize this, then you need to be burned and died immediately. 



Vocals : David Wayne
Guitars : Kurdt Vanderhoof
Guitars : Craig Wells
Bass : Duke Erickson
Drums : Kirk Arrington

Track List:

01. Beyond the Black [6:21]
02. Metal Church [5:03]
03. Merciless Onslaught [2:56]
04. Gods of Wrath [6:41]
05. Hitman [4:36]
06. In the Blood [3:31]
07. (My Favorite) Nightmare [3:11]
08. Battalions [4:55]
09. Highway Star [4:38]

Metal Church - The Dark (1986)
Year & Label: 2013, Warner Music Japan Inc. | CD#: WQCP-1438
FLAC: 330 MB | Artwork: 30 MB | MP3: 100 MB

Yes, that's right, 96%. This is an album where you can fast forward to any point on it, any point at all (except the slower part of Watch The Children Pray) and be guaranteed to hear a good riff. The guitars are produced perfectly which is really saying something considering this was 1986 and the riffs are excellent and also well-varied throughout the album, which even Reign In Blood cannot say about itself. The vocals are very shrieky, but i have to say that most 80's thrash album have something strange about the vocals, and in fact I prefer the bands who have the more unique sounding vocalists. Here we find a nice high pitched, very sharp and clean-sounding shriek. The drumming is well done overall and not overproduced, both of which can't be said for Metallica. And voila, Metal Church have something on both of the two most famous thrash acts ever! There are not many guitar solos as on other albums and the ones present are above average but not excellent, but this album is one that does not feed off of soloing like some bands do (i.e. Judas Priest on Painkiller), rather here a solo is more of an added bonus, but the song is based a lot more on the riffs. Something else to mention is the presence of a slow ballad. Making good ballads is indeed a lost art and is much more difficult than it seems. In fact, around 80% of attempts at a nice and emotional ballad fail (see The Black Album). However, one of the best ones since Stairway To Heaven is found on here, that is Watch The Children Pray. It is a must-hear, and my words will not do it justice. My two other favorite songs are Start The Fire and Western Alliance. I would place this in the top 10 all time for thrash albums without question!!!



Vocals : David Wayne
Guitars : Kurdt Vanderhoof
Guitars : Craig Wells
Bass : Duke Erickson
Drums : Kirk Arrington

Track List:

01. Ton of Bricks [3:04]
02. Start the Fire [3:46]
03. Method to Your Madness [4:57]
04. Watch the Children Pray [5:57]
05. Over My Dead Body [3:34]
06. The Dark [4:12]
07. Psycho [3:35]
08. Line of Death [4:44]
09. Burial at Sea [5:00]
10. Western Alliance [3:21]

Metal Church - Blessing In Disguise (1989)
Year & Label: 2013, Warner Music Japan Inc. | CD#: WQCP-1439
FLAC: 430 MB | Artwork: 30 MB | MP3: 130 MB

Few bands have captured the spirit of 80s heavy metal as well as Metal Church. With the most accomplished artists in the metal community they developed its own distinctive style even after their first self-titled debut in 1985. And with the subsequent album “The Dark” they went for better things, which many consider to be their finest record and a classic offering among 80s speed-thrash. But for me things were not yet perfect till Vandehoof, the driving force behind most of the band’s work, brought vocalist Mike Howe into the band along with ex-Metallica roadie John Marshall on the guitar. Having released an album with his former band Heretic, the vocalist Mike Howe eventually found a new band that could do justice to his voice. While there isn’t a tremendous musical shift on this album, there is something highly conspicuous that is not typical of Church’s previous two records. As soon as you hear the first track “Fake Healer” it is obvious that melody rather than speed is the keynote which resulted in a more precise delivery. The monumental opening riffs of the track together with the spellbinding voice is a moment where Metal Church is becoming a real blessing in the skies with a heavier riffing and deeper subject matter (with prime importance given to the lyrics), yet not completely deviating from what they do best which is extremely unique 80s metal music. “Anthem to the Estranged”, “Badlands”, “Fake Healer”, “The Powers That Be” are the best tracks on the album respectively. How can I even try to describe the brilliance of these tracks played with instruments fit for the gods. “Anthem to the Estranged” starts with a moment of blessed calm and a voice gifted with unmarred grace, as if depicting last moments of a farewell scene frozen in time. The wailing anthem suddenly turns into a raging storm and the same formula repeats itself several times. It’s a superbly executed semi-ballad of fantastic beauty. And after having heard this one we are no longer totally unaware of the suffering there is outside our own comfortable little worlds. To fully appreciate this song one has to be in the mood, for sometimes how we perceive an album is the product of a vital interaction between time and place. “Badlands” is the second best track although it might just as well be the best. This one is one of those in which music speaks for itself. There aren’t many songs around that can leave a lasting impact as this one, encapsulating a moment of astral journey written in music. The rest also has their moments tinged with excellence that make this album a pure musical heritage. It’s an album I enjoy every minute of it. You know few pleasures can equal that of a cold drink on a hot summer day. For me this album is definitely one of them. Listening to it is like eating a favourite food of mine. Smells good, tastes good and sounds even better. Enjoy it…



Vocals : Mike Howe
Guitars : John Marshall
Guitars : Craig Wells
Bass : Duke Erickson
Drums : Kirk Arrington

All songs written and
Recorded at
Produced by

Track List:

01. Fake Healer [5:56]
02. Rest in Pieces (April 15, 1912) [6:39]
03. Of Unsound Mind [4:44]
04. Anthem to the Estranged [9:32]
05. Badlands [7:24]
06. The Spell Can't Be Broken [6:49]
07. It's a Secret [3:49]
08. Cannot Tell a Lie [4:18]
09. The Powers That Be [5:24]

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Metal Church (1984)
FLAC | Artwork | Mp3 320 kbps
The Dark (1986)
FLAC | Artwork | Mp3 320 kbps
Blessing In Disguise (1989)
FLAC | Artwork | Mp3 320 kbps

Fear Factory - Genexus (2015) (Limited Edition)

Fear Factory - Genexus (2015)
Year & Label: 2015, Nuclear Blast GmbH | CD#: NB 3447-0
Flac (image) | MP3 CBR 320 Kbps | Artwork (JPG, 300 dpi) | File-hosts: Nitroflare.com
Groove/Industrial Metal | FLAC: 470 MB | Artwork: 35 MB | MP3: 150 MB | 5% WinRAR Recovery

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Limited Edition digipak with 2 bonus tracks

Since their hallmark ‘90s albums Demanufacture and Obsolete, Fear Factory have stayed afloat in the ebbing music industry with varying results; the band’s 2005 post-reunion album, Archetype, was met with critical praise, while its more experimental successor, Transgression, wasn’t so favorably received. Fans rejoiced at the reunion of vocalist Burton C. Bell and exiled guitarist Dino Cazares for 2009’s massive Mechanize, and the return to form felt so natural and celebratory that 2012’s The Industrialist almost felt more like a victory lap than a genuine attempt to further the Fear Factory sound. In 2015, if you were to ask what territory the band still had left to explore, you probably wouldn’t be alone in wondering. Fear Factory have answered with Genexus, quite possibly the best album they’ve ever made.

Every single right step Fear Factory have ever taken is present on this album, and where past “right steps” may have felt underdeveloped, the songwriting and musicianship on Genexus take the record all the way home. Songs like “Anodized,” “Dielectric,” and “Regenerate” retain the heavy/melodic duality that’s served as a cornerstone of each past Fear Factory release, while capitalizing on Bell’s vocal hooks and the lush electronics of longtime collaborator Rhys Fulber to push Genexus’s cleaner moments in bold and memorable new directions. Cazares’s riffs, as usual, are simply crushing; judging by the speed and precision of songs like the title track and sprawling opener “Autonomous Combat System,” the guy’s picking forearm has to be as thick as a thigh by now. His guitar and bass performances are backed this time around by programmed percussion on select songs, as well as the recording debut of Mike Heller, the band’s live drummer since the touring cycle for The Industrialist. Former Static-X bassist Tony Campos recently joined Fear Factory, but isn’t featured on Genexus.

While the instrumental performances are as impressive as anything from Demanufacture or Mechanize, Bell’s vocals and lyrics really take the spotlight on Genexus. His lyrics are always at their best and most relevant when he nails that perfect intersection between sci-fi symbolism and observations on the human condition; we hear those qualities in some of the band’s most powerful past numbers like “Resurrection” and “Final Exit.” But instead of being an album full of heavy music punctuated by occasional pensive introspection, Genexus is stacked front-to-back with the most significant lyrical substance Bell’s ever generated in the span of one record. The most stunning example is “Expiration Date,” a haunting treatise on self-awareness in the face of death, set to one of the most beautiful songs the band’s ever penned.

Fear Factory have outdone themselves. While no album is without its lesser tracks, the valleys on Genexus are surprisingly shallow, which is an impressive feat, given the soaring height of its peaks. As musicians are faced with maintaining passion in careers that began before part of their fanbase was even born, it’s reassuring to see bands as mature as Fear Factory still producing some of their most crucial material. Genexus is excellent. The machine is still alive.



Guitars, Bass : Dino Cazares
Vocals : Burton C. Bell
Drums : Mike Heller

Produced by Fear Factory and Phys Fulber
Mixed and mastered at Backstage Recording in Derbyshire, England, UK.

Track List:

01. Autonomous Combat System [5:28]
02. Anodized [4:48]
03. Dielectric [4:20]
04. Soul Hacker [3:13]
05. Protomech [4:56]
06. Genexus [4:49]
07. Church Of Execution [3:22]
08. Regenerate [4:03]
09. Battle For Utopia [4:15]
10. Expiration Date [8:49]
11. Mandatory Sacrifice (Genexus Remix) (Bonus Track) [5:44]
12. Enhanced Reality (Bonus Track) [5:36]

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Rob Zombie - Wacken 2015 [HDTV, 720p]

Rob Zombie - Wacken 2015
TS, Mpeg4 AVC, 1280x720, 13500 kbps, 50 fps | Dolby AC3, 2 ch, 448 kbps 
Heavy / Groove / Glam / Alternative / Industrial Metal | 00:33:54 | ~ 3.83 Gb

~ Rob Zombie performing on July 30, 2015 at Wacken Open Air festival in Wacken, Germany ~


Teenage Nosferatu Pussy
Dead City Radio and the New Gods of Supertown
Drum Solo
Sick Bubble-Gum
Pussy Liquor
Meet the Creeper
Thunder Kiss '65 (with Guitar Solo and "School's Out" snippet)

Download Rob Zombie - Wacken 2015:

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Iron Maiden - The Book Of Souls (2015) [2CD] {Parlophone}

Iron Maiden - The Book Of Souls (2015) [2CD] {Parlophone}
EAC rip (secure mode) | FLAC (tracks)+CUE+LOG -> 631 Mb | MP3 @320 -> 221 Mb
Full Artwork @ 300 dpi (png) -> 182 Mb | 5% repair rar
© 2015 Parlophone / Iron Maiden / Warner | 0825646089246
Rock / Hard Rock / Hard'n'Heavy / Heavy Metal

To say that Iron Maiden's Book of Souls was ardently anticipated would be a vast understatement. Though it was (mostly) finished in 2014, vocalist Bruce Dickinson's cancer diagnosis and treatment delayed its release until he was medically cleared. While 2006's A Matter Of Life And Death and 2010's The Final Frontier showcased longer songs, Book of Souls is epic by comparison. Their first double album, it's 92 minutes long, and three of its 11 tracks are over ten minutes. Steve Harris contributed one solo composition, and co-wrote six tracks with various bandmates. Dickinson -- for the first time since Powerslave -- wrote two solo tunes, the album's bookends, and collaborated on two more. The music is cleanly divided between the two discs. The first is tight; it offers a bit of everything that makes Iron Maiden...well, Iron Maiden.

It is seemingly self-contained. Dickinson's "If Eternity Should Fail" is an impressive showcase for his voice. Its dark intro and atmospherics are eventually transformed into one of the heaviest tunes Maiden's ever recorded, but he shines above the sonic mass. "Speed of Light" is a burner. Dickinson's fury is accompanied by a rockarolla riff, soaring metal guitar fills, and Nicko McBrain's grooving drums. Harris' 13-minute "The Red and the Black" contains a strutting riff, a catchy chant, and a martial tempo. It's followed by "When the River Runs Deep," a chugging hard rocker with all three guitarists challenging one another. The title cut is theatrical, as acoustic guitar and a sparse synth are filled out with a knotty riff and solo breaks, emerging as a slower, heavier headbanger. By contrast, disc two is structured almost narratively; it slowly enlarges and expands to serve an unexpected conclusion. Opener "Death or Glory" is another crowd-catcher as Dickinson soars above thudding drums and guitar choruses redolent of Thin Lizzy. "Shadows of the Valley" is the only clunker. It's dull and predictable, a minor distraction that doesn't measure up to the set's ambition. "Tears of a Clown," written by Harris and Dave Murray, is for Robin Williams. It's a clamorous rocker, yet the lyrics and melody are simultaneously empathic and disconsolate. "The Man of Sorrows" follows expertly, progressing from meandering ballad to theatrical hard rock. Dickinson's 18-minute "Empire of the Clouds" is about the R101 airship disaster of 1930. It's Maiden's longest song, but a grand conclusion. He plays majestic classical piano throughout, as tasteful, biting guitars create a complementary melodic labyrinth amid swelling orchestral strings. They add texture while McBrain's swinging drums add drama. It's a heavy metal suite, unlike anything in their catalog. Producer Kevin Shirley does a stellar job capturing an "in studio" sound that allows for spacious dynamics and warmth without artifical mass. Who would have thought that after decades Iron Maiden would have an album as fine (let alone as long) as Book of Souls in them? With repeated listening it earns shelf space with their finest records.


01. If Eternity Should Fail
02.Speed Of Light
03. The Great Unknown
04. The Red and the Black
05. When the River Runs Deep
06. The Book of Souls

01. Death or Glory
02. Shadows of the Valley
03. Tears of a Clown
04. The Man of Sorrows
05. Empire of the Clouds

Lynch Mob - Rebel (2015) [Digipak]

Lynch Mob - Rebel (2015) [Digipak]
EAC Rip | FLAC: Image+Cue+Log | 427 Mb | MP3 CBR 320 kbps | 145 Mb | Scans | Time: 51:23
Genre: Hard Rock, Heavy Metal | Label: Frontiers Records | Cat.№: FR CD 700

Track Listing

01. Automatic Fix (05:48)
02. Between The Truth And A Lie (03:52)
03. Testify (05:14)
04. Sanctuary (03:47)
05. Pine Tree Avenue (03:29)
06. Jelly Roll (03:31)
07. Dirty Money (03:56)
08. The Hollow Queen (04:38)
09. The Ledge (05:22)
10. Kingdom Of Slaves (05:42)
11. War (06:00)

Produced by George Lynch, Oni Logan and The Wizard

The Band

• Oni Logan - vocals
• George Lynch (Dokken, etc.) - guitars
• Jeff Pilson (Dokken, Dio, Foreigner) - bass
• Brian Tichy (Whitesnake, Billy Idol, Slash etc.) - drums


• Donnie Dickman - keyboards

Motörhead - Bad Magic (2015)

Motörhead - Bad Magic (2015)
EAC Rip | FLAC: Tracks+Cue+Log | 389 Mb | MP3 CBR 320 kbps | 138 Mb | Scans | 167 Mb | 
Time: 42:48Genre: Heavy Metal, Hard Rock | Label: UDR GmbH | Cat.№: UDR 057P18

Bad Magic is the 22nd studio album by British heavy metal band Motörhead. It was released on August 28, 2015. All in all, with Bad Magic’s release now confirmed, Motörheadbangers and rock’n’roll fans worldwide can prepare themselves for the prodigal return of rock music’s greatest, meanest, dirtiest and most relentless trio…yeah, believe it: Motörhead proudly, and defiantly, remain the flag you’re proud to fly through thick and thin.
Track Listing

01. Victory Or Die (03:08)
02. Thunder & Lightning (03:06)
03. Fire Storm Hotel (03:35)
04. Shoot Out All Of Your Lights (03:14)
05. The Devil (02:53)
06. Electricity (02:16)
07. Evil Eye (02:20)
08. Teach Them How To Bleed (03:13)
09. Till The End (04:04)
10. Tell Me Who To Kill (02:56)
11. Choking On Your Screams (03:33)
12. When The Sky Comes Looking For You (02:58)
13. Sympathy For the Devil [The Rolling Stones cover] (05:26)

Produced by Cameron Webb

The Band

• Ian 'Lemmy' Kilmister - bass, vocals
• Phil "Wizzö" Campbell - guitar, piano on "Sympathy For The Devil"
• Mikkey Dee - drums

Additional Musicians:

• Brian May - guitar solo on "The Devil"


Once thought to be immortal and indestructible, frontman Lemmy Kilmister has had a few health issues in the past couple years, but his performance on the band’s latest opus Bad Magic shows he has plenty of gas left in the tank. You know you’re going to get a boisterous dose of straightforward meat and potatoes rock ‘n’ roll played at maximum volume. It’s a formula that has served them well over their career, and there is no reason to change.

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KISS - Love Gun (1977) [DCD Deluxe Edition '2014]

KISS - Love Gun (1977) [DCD Deluxe Edition '2014]
EAC, FLAC | 2x Image+CUE+LOG > 530 MB | Full Artwork > 121 MB | MP3 CBR 320 Kbps > 182 MB Rock / Hard Rock | 79:44 minutes | Label: SimStan Music, Ltd. / Mercury Records | Cat. # 379972-6

Legendary Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductees KISS continue to celebrate their 40th anniversary with the release of a two-CD, deluxe version of their 1977 platinum-plus album, Love Gun. The band's sixth studio recording, Love Gun was the first album to feature lead vocal performances from all four original band members, and the last studio album with the original KISS line-up. Love Gun has since gone on to sell more than four million copies.

Love Gun was Kiss' fifth studio album in three years (and seventh release overall, peaking at number four on Billboard), and proved to be the last release that the original lineup played on. By 1977, Kiss merchandise was flooding the marketplace (lunch boxes, makeup kits, comic books, etc.), and it would ultimately lead to a Kiss backlash in the '80s. But the band was still focused on their music for Love Gun, similar in sound and approach to Rock and Roll Over, their previous straight-ahead rock release. It included Ace Frehley's lead vocals on "Shock Me," as well as one of Kiss' best and most renowned hard rockers in the thunderous title track. The album's opener, "I Stole Your Love," also served as the opening number on Kiss' ensuing tour, while "Christine Sixteen" is one of the few Kiss tracks to contain piano prominently. "Almost Human" is an underrated rocker and features a great Jimi Hendrix-esque guitar solo from Frehley (no doubt due to ex-Hendrix producer Eddie Kramer manning the boards again), while "Plaster Caster" is a tribute to the famous groupies of the same name. The only weak spots on an otherwise stellar album are an obvious "Rock and Roll All Nite" ripoff titled "Tomorrow and Tonight," and a pointless remake of the Phil Spector-penned classic "Then He Kissed Me" (reworked as "Then She Kissed Me").
-- Greg Prato, allmusic.com


01. I Stole Your Love
02. Christine Sixteen
03. Got Love For Sale
04. Shock Me
05. Tomorrow And Tonight
06. Love Gun
07. Hooligan
08. Almost Human
09. Plaster Caster
10. Then She Kissed Me

01. Much Too Soon (Demo)
02. Plaster Caster (Demo)
03. Reputation (Demo)
04. Love Gun (Teaching Demo)
05. Love Gun (Demo)
06. Gene Simmons Interview (1977)
07. Tomorrow And Tonight (Instumental Demo)
08. I Know Who You Are (Demo)
09. Love Gun (Live)
10. Christine Sixteen (Live)
11. Shock Me (Live)

Reissue Produced by Tommy Thayer & Jeff Fura.
Remastered by Kevin Reeves.

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PASSWORD: www.AvaxHome.ws

MP3 320

Recovery info included.

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Bachman-Turner Overdrive - The Millennium Collection: The Best of Bachman-Turner Overdrive (2001) [20th Century Masters]

Bachman-Turner Overdrive - The Millennium Collection: The Best of Bachman-Turner Overdrive (2001)
EAC | FLAC | Tracks (Cue&Log) ~ 427 Mb (incl 5%) | Mp3 (CBR320) ~ 153 Mb (incl 5%) | Scans included
Genre: Rock, Hard Rock, Boogie Rock | Label: Mercury, The Island Def Jam Group | # 3145480962 | Time: 00:53:49

Their biggest hits from the '70s like 'You Ain't Seen Nothing Yet', 'Takin' Care of Business', 'Roll On Down The Highway', 'Let it Ride', 'Hey You', 'Take It Like A Man', 'Blue Collar', 'I'm in Love', and four more!

Following his 1970 departure from the Guess Who, guitarist Randy Bachman recorded a solo album (Axe) and planned a project with ex-Nice keyboardist Keith Emerson (later canceled due to illness) before forming Bachman-Turner Overdrive in 1972. Originally called "Brave Belt," the metal group was comprised of singer/guitarist Bachman, fellow Guess Who alum Chad Allan, bassist C.F. "Fred" Turner, and Randy's brother, drummer Robbie; after a pair of LPs (Brave Belt I and Brave Belt II), Allan was replaced by another Bachman brother, guitarist Tim, and in homage to the trucker's magazine Overdrive, the unit became BTO. 

While their self-titled 1973 debut caused little impact in the U.S. or the band's native Canada, Bachman-Turner Overdrive II was a smash, netting a hit single with the anthemic "Takin' Care of Business." Prior to the release of 1974's Not Fragile, Tim Bachman exited the group to begin a career in production, and was replaced by Blair Thornton; the album was a chart-topping success, and notched a number one single with "You Ain't Seen Nothin' Yet." 

After 1977's Freeways, Randy Bachman left the group for a solo career and formed another group, Ironhorse. Bachman-Turner Overdrive continued on in his absence with replacement Jim Clench for two more albums, Street Action and Rock n' Roll Nights (both 1978), eventually changing their name to simply BTO. At the tail-end of the decade, the band dissolved, but in the 1980s they re-grouped to tour as both Bachman-Turner Overdrive (led by Randy) and BTO (led by Robbie); the ensuing confusion the name game triggered ultimately resulted in Randy Bachman filing suit against his one-time bandmates for rights to the group's logo.
Jason Ankeny, Allmusic.com


01. Gimmie Your Money Please (04:42)
02. Blue Collar (06:10)
03. Takin' Care Of Business (04:51)
04. Let It Ride (04:26)
05. Roll On Down The Highway (03:56)
06. You Ain't Seen Nothing Yet (03:53)
07. Hey You (03:33)
08. Take It Like A Man (03:41)
09. Lookin' Out For # 1 (05:20)
10. Shotgun Rider (05:23)
11. I'm In Love (03:55)
12. Heartaches (03:52)

The Doors - The Best Of The Doors (1985) [Japanese Ed. 1991] 2 CDs Set

The Doors - The Best Of The Doors (1985) [Japanese Ed. 1991] 2 CDs Set
EAC Rip | FLAC: Image+Cue+Log | 566 Mb | MP3 CBR 320 kbps | 244 Mb | Scans | 41 Mb | TTime: 01:29:20
Genre: Psychedelic Rock, Blues Rock | Label: Elektra/WEA Music | Cat.№: WMC5-370/1

he Best of The Doors is a two-disc compilation album consisting of 19 songs of The Doors. It was commercially released in 1985. All of the songs were a part of previous Doors albums. Included in the set are the Doors' two famous epic poems, "When the Music's Over", and "The End", which end disc one and two, respectively.


01. Break On Through (02:27)
02. Light My Fire (07:06)
03. The Crystal Ship (02:33)
04. People Are Strange (02:11)
05. Strange Days (03:07)
06. Love Me Two Times (03:16)
07. Alabama Song (CD only bonus track) (03:20)
08. Five To One (04:26)
09. Waiting For The Sun (03:59)
10. Spanish Caravan (02:58)
11. When The Music's Over (10:57)


01. Hello, I Love You (02:15)
02. Roadhouse Blues (04:03)
03. L.A. Woman* (07:49)
04. Riders On The Storm* (07:11)
05. Touch Me (03:12)
06. Lover Her Madly* (03:17)
07. The Unknown Soldier (03:23)
08. The End (11:43)

Produced by Paul A. Rothchild
* Produced by Bruce Botnick and The Doors


• Jim Morrison - vocals
• John Densmore - drums
• Robby Krieger - guitar
• Ray Manzarek - organ, piano, keyboards, bass

Additional Musicians:

• Douglass Lubahn - occasional bass guitar on the tracks that came from Strange Days & Waiting for the Sun except disc 2, track 7
• Jerry Scheff - occasional bass guitar on the L.A. Woman tracks
• Ray Neapolitan - bass guitar on disc 1, track 9
• Lonnie Mack - bass guitar on disc 2, track 2
• John Sebastian - harmonica on disc 2, track 2 (credited as "G. Puglese")
• Harvey Brooks - bass guitar on disc 2, track 5
• Paul Harris - orchestral arrangements on disc 2, track 5
• Curtis Amy - saxophone on disc 2, track 5
• Marc Benno - additional guitar on disc 2, track 3
• Kerry Magness - bass guitar on disc 2, track 7
• Leroy Vinnegar - acoustic bass on disc 2, track 10
• Larry Knechtel - bass guitar on disc 1, track 2 (though was uncredited)


Digitally Remastered at Digital Magnetics, Los Angeles, California by Bruce Botnick