lunes, 31 de diciembre de 2007

Sebastian Bach - 2007 Angel Down (@320)

1. Angel Down 3:48
2. You Dont Understand 3:07
3. Back In The Saddle (Feat. Axl Rose)
4. (Love Is) A Bitchslap (Feat. Axl Rose)
5. Stuck Inside (Feat. Axl Rose) 2:57
6. American Metalhead 4:02
7. Negative Light 4:33
8. Live & Die 3:53
9. By Your Side 5:27
10. Our Love Is A Lie 3:20
11. Take You Down With Me 4:37
12. Stabbin Daggers 3:41
13. You Bring Me Down 3:16
14. Falling Into You 4:21


Rush - 1976 2112

01 - 2112
02 - A Passage To Bangkok
03 - The Twilight Zone
04 - Lessons
05 - Tears
06 - Something For Nothing

38 Special - 1984 Tour de Force

1 If I'd Been the One (3:55)

2 Back Where You Belong (4:29)

3 One Time for Old Times (4:32)

4 See Me in Your Eyes (3:54)

5 Twentieth Century Fox (3:45)

6 Long Distance Affair (3:56)

7 I Outta Let You Go (3:59)

8 One of the Lonely Ones (4:01)

9 Undercover Lover (4:11)

Les dejo este excelentisisimo disco de Hard Aor de esta gran banda Americana

Para la gente que me ha preguntado que significa AOR: Adult Oriented Rock

Pass: ForceStig!

Lynch Mob - 1990 Wicked Sensation

01. Wicked Sensation
02. River Of Love
03. Sweet Sister Mercy
04. All I Want
05. Hell Child
06. She's Evil, But She's Mine
07. Dance Of The Dogs
08. Rain
09. No Bed Of Roses
10. Through These Eyes
11. For A Million Years
12. Street Fightin' Man



Excelente Album de George Lynch Guitarrista del Gran Grupo Dokken, esta es una verdadera obra maestra de puro Hard Rock.......Disfrutenlo.

Def Leppard - 2006 Yeah! (@192)

El último disco de estudio de Def Leppard, con covers de bandas de los años 70's. Muy bueno!!!!!!!!!!! Les recomiendo el Cover de Thin Lizzy "Don't Believe A Word"

01. 20th Century Boy (T. Rex Cover)
02. Rock On (David Essex Cover)
03. Hanging On The Telephone (The Nerves Cover)
04. Waterloo Sunset (The Kinks Cover)
05. Hell Raiser (Sweet Cover)
06. 10538 Overture (Electric Light Orchestra Cover)
07. Street Life (Roxy Music Cover)
08. Drive-In Saturday (David Bowie Cover)
09. Little Bit Of Love (Free Cover)
10. The Golden Age of Rock 'n' Roll (Mott the Hoople Cover)
11. No Matter What (Badfinger Cover)
12. He's Gonna Step On You Again (John Kongos Cover)
13. Don't Believe A Word (Thin Lizzy Cover)
14. Stay With Me (Faces Cover)



jueves, 27 de diciembre de 2007

Vanilla Fudge - 2007 Out Through The In Door

1. Immigrant Song (3:19)
2. Ramble On (4:30)
3. Trampled Underfoot (4:49)
4. Dazed And Confused (5:57)
5. Black Mountain Side (3:31)
6. Fool In The Rain (5:30)
7. Babe, I'm Gonna Leave You (7:05)
8. Dancing Days (4:49)
9. Moby Dick (6:06)
10. All Of My Love (6:17)
11. Rock And Roll (4:21)
12. Your Time Is Gonna Come (5:46)

The original Line Up in a Led Zeppelin Cover Session

Tim Bogert
Carmine Appice
Mark Stein
Vince Martell


miércoles, 26 de diciembre de 2007

Iron Maiden - 1984 Powerslave (@320)

1. Aces High
2. 2 Minutes To Midnight
3. Losfer Words (Big´Orra)
4. Flash Of The Blade
5. The Duellists
6. Back In The Village
7. Powerslave
8. Rime Of The Ancient Mariner


password: japjap

Iron Maiden - 1981 Killers (@320)

01. The Ides Of March
02. Wrathchild
03. Murders In The Rue Morgue
04. Another Life
05. Genghis Khan
06. Innocent Exile
07. Killers
08. Prodigal Son
09. Purgatory
10. Twilight Zone
11. Drifter


Password: japjap

lunes, 24 de diciembre de 2007

Numbers Of The Beast An All Star Tribute To Iron Maiden

01. Run to the Hills
vocals - robin mcauley (msg)
guitar - michael schenker (msg)
bass - tony franklin (the firm, blue murder)
rhythm guitar - pete fletcher (pygmy love circus)
drums - brian tichy (billy idol, ozzy osbourne)

02. Wasted Years
vocals - dee snider (twisted sister)
guitar - george lynch (dokken, lynch mob)
rhythm g - bob kulick (paul stanley band, meatloaf)
bass - jeff pilson (dokken, dio)
drums - jason bonham (ufo, bonham)

03. Wrathchild
vocals - paul di'anno (ex-iron maiden)
lead guitar - alex skolnick (testament)
guitar - chris traynor (helmet, bush)
bass - frank bello (helmet, anthrax)
drums - john tempesta (helmet, rob zombie, testament)

04. Flight of Icarus
vocals – tim "ripper" owens (judas priest, iced earth)
guitar - doug aldrich (whitesnake, dio)
bass - jimmy bain (dio, rainbow)
drums - simon wright (dio, ac/dc)

05. Fear of the Dark
vocals - chuck billy (testament)
guitar - craig goldy (dio)
bass - rickie phillips (styx)
drums - mikkey dee (motörhead)

06. The Trooper
vocals - lemmy kilmister (motörhead)
bass - chuck wright (alice cooper, quiet riot)
guitar - phil campbell (motörhead)
guitar - rocky george (fishbone, suicidal tendencies)
drums - chris slade (ac/dc)

07. Aces High
vocals - jeff scott soto (yngwie malmsteen, talisman)
guitar - nuno bettencourt (extreme)
bass - billy sheehan (mr. big, david lee roth)
drums - vinny appice (black sabbath, dio)

08. 2 Minutes to Midnight
vocals - joe lynn turner (deep purple, rainbow)
guitar - richie kotzen (mr. big, poison)
guitar - bob kulick
bass - tony franklin (the firm, blue murder)
drums - chris slade (ac/dc, the firm)

09. Can I Play with Madness
vocals - mark slaughter (slaughter, vinnie vincent invasion)
guitar - bruce kulick (kiss, grand funk railroad)
bass - marco mendoza(whitesnake, thin lizzy, ted nugent)
drums - aynsley dunbar (david bowie, whitesnake)

10. The Evil That Men Do
vocals - chris jericho (wwe wrestler, fozzy)
guitar - paul gilbert (mr. big, racer x)
rhythm g - bob kulick (paul stanley band, meatloaf) bass -
mike inez (alice in chains, ozzy osbourne)
drums - brent fitz (vince neil, union)

11. The Wickerman
vocals - john bush (anthrax, armored saint)
back vocals – jason miller (godhead) guitar -
scott ian (anthrax)
bass - blasko (rob zombie)
lead guitar - jeff duncan (armored saint)
drums - ben graves (murderdolls)


This is your Christmas Present.....

sábado, 22 de diciembre de 2007

AC / DC - 1974-2000 Gold Album

AC/DC es un grupo de hard rock británico de origen australiano. Lo fundaron en 1973 en Sydney los hermanos Malcolm y Angus Young, junto con Bon Scott, Mark Evans y Phil Rudd. Han desarrollado un sonido que se encuadra dentro del heavy metal influido por la música de The Rolling Stones. Sus explosivas actuaciones en directo se hicieron famosas desde un principio gracias, en gran medida, al extravagante estilo de su guitarrista principal, Angus Young, que siempre vestía con uniforme de colegial en los conciertos. En 1976 se trasladaron a Gran Bretaña (los hermanos Young habían nacido en Glasgow).Lo que realmente les abrió las puertas del éxito fue "Highway to Hell" (1979), producido por Mutt Lange, para muchos el mejor álbum de los australianos y que alcanzó el puesto 17º en las listas americanas y el 8º en las británicas, convirtiéndose en su primer trabajo en conseguir un millón de copias vendidas. Este álbum figura en la lista de los 500 álbumes indispensables elaborada por la revista Rolling Stone. El tema principal del LP, la canción Highway to Hell, se acabaría convirtiendo para muchos en todo un himno del Rock and Roll de finales de los 70.Cuando todo parecía ir muy bien una noche londinense, 19 de febrero de 1980, en que perdieron a su vocalista. La causa de la defunción de Scott fue de ahogamiento en su propio vómito al quedarse dormido en su auto en el garaje de su casa a consecuencia de una intoxicación etílica,Tras la muerte de Bon Scott la banda se plantea su continuidad pero finalmente reclutaron a Brian Johnson. aceptó el reto y entró con el resto de los compañeros a grabar lo que sería uno de los grandes discos de los años 1980: Back In Black, disco dedicado a Bon Scott.En este disco agrege la cancion "Who Made Who".
Gracias a Sergio de su gran blog:

Vandenberg - 1985 Alibi

1. All the way
2. Pedal to the metal
3. Once in a lifetime
4. Voodoo
5. Dressed to kill
6. Fighting against the world
7. How long
8. Prelude mortale
9. Alibi
10. Kamikaze


Otro excelente album del gran artista Adrian Vandenberg, quien por cierto es el autor de la portada y el logo de este album

Vandenberg - 1981 Vandenberg

01 Your Love is In Vain
02 Back On My Feet
03 Wait
04 Burning Heart
05 Ready For You
06 Too Late
07 Nothing To Lose
08 Lost in a City
09 Out in The Streets


Uno de mis albums favoritos

Jack Bruce & Robin Trower - 1982 Truce

1. Gonna Shut You Down
2. Gone Too Far
3. Thin Ice
4. Last Train to the Stars
5. Take Good Care of Yourself
6. Fall in Love
7. Fat Gut
8. Shadows Touching
9. Little Boy Lost


Chain - 1997 Eros Of Love And Destruction

1. Don't Waste Your Time 3:10

2. Absence of Angels 4:50

3. Shame 4:38

4. Fake It Big Time 3:20

5. Streets Cry Freedom 5:55

6. Single Life 4:32

7. Hellfire 2:42

8. What About Me 3:31

9. I.N.M. 5:05

10. Blind Faith 6:26

11. Perfect World 3:53


Este album es una grata sorpresa ya que he escuchado a Chain en sus años anteriores y me agrado su bluesrock pesado, pero en este disco esta fabuloso con un tremendo hardrock a mi buen amigo Macarrock le va a gustar, saludos Mac.

viernes, 21 de diciembre de 2007

Kiss - 1984 Animalize (@320)

01.I'VE HAD ENOUGH (INTO THE FIRE) - Paul Stanley, Desmond Child
02.HEAVEN'S ON FIRE - Paul Stanley, Desmond Child
03.BURN BITCH BURN - Gene Simmons
04.GET ALL YOU CAN TAKE - Paul Stanley, Mitch Weissman
05.LONELY IS THE HUNTER - Gene Simmons
06.UNDER THE GUN - Paul Stanley, Eric Carr, Desmond Child
07.THRILLS IN THE NIGHT - Paul Stanley, Jean Beauvoir
08.WHILE THE CITY SLEEPS - Gene Simmons, Mitch Weissman
09.MURDER IN HIGH-HEELS - Gene Simmons, Mitch Weissman


Gene Simmons, Paul Stanley, Mark St. John & Eric Carr


Riot - 1988 Thundersteel

02.Fight Or Fall
03.Sign Of The Crimson Storm
04.Flight Of The Warrior
05.On Wings Of Eagles
06.Johnny's Back
08.Run For Your Life
09.Buried Alive (Tell Tale Heart)


Metal Church - 1984 Metal Church (Classic Metal Album)

01.Beyond The Black
02.Metal Church
03.Merciless Onslaught (Instrumental)
04.Gods Of Wrath
06.In The Blood
07.(My Favorite) Nightmare
09.Highway Star (Deep Purple Cover)

Line Up:

Guitars: Kurdt Vanderhoof, Craig Wells
Drums: Kirk Arrington
Bass: Duke Erickson
Vocals: David Wayne



Fight (Rob Halford) - 1993 War Of Words

01.Into The Pit
02.Nailed To The Gun
03.Life In Black
04.Immortal Sin
05.War Of Words
06.Laid To Rest
07.For All Eternity
08.Little Crazy
10.Kill It
12.Reality, A New Beginning (Jesus Saves - Hidden Song)

Line Up:
Rob Halford: Vocals & Guitars
Russ Parrish: Guitars & Keyboard
Brian Tilse: Guitars & Keyboards
Jay Jay: Bass
Scott Travis: Drums


Accept - 1983 Balls To The Wall

01.-Balls To The Wall
02.-London Leatherboys
03.-Fight It Back
04.-Head Over Heels
05.-Losing More Than You've Ever Had
06.-Love Child
07.-Turn Me On
08.-Losers And Winners
09.-Guardian Of The Night
10.-Winter Dreams

Alemania Rocks.....Mexico Enjoy......

Therion - Crowning Of Atlantis

1. Crowning of Atlantis [4:58]
2. Mark of Cain [5:01]
3. Clavicula Nox [8:51] (Remix)
4. Crazy Nights [3:42]
5. From the Dionysian Days [3:16]
6. Thor (The powerhead) [4:47]
7. Seawinds [4:23]
8. To Mega Therion [6:38] (Live)
9. The Wings of the Hydra [3:21] (Live)
10. Black Sun [5:45] (Live)


Esta es un de las bandas que me ha tocado ver en concierto y es un espectaculo bastante completo, hace apenas un par de meses que se presentaron aqui en la ciudad de chihuahua y pude asistir con mi hija Melissa, realmente lo disfrutamos....

Kiss - Dynasty

1. I Was Made For Lovin' You
2. 2,000 Man
3. Sure Know Something
4. Dirty Livin'
5. Charisma
6. Magic Touch
7. Hard Times
8. X-Ray Eyes
9. Save Your Love


Amulet - 1979 Amulet (@256)

1. Just Like A Woman
2. Sea of Fear
3. Do You Live Again
4. Kings & Queens
5. Person to Person
6. Funk 'n' Punk
7. Gemini
8. Life is Living
9. New Day


Este es uno de esos albums que te dicen porque te encanta esta fascinante musica, puede ser escuchado por nuevos y viejos rockeros........I just love it.

martes, 11 de diciembre de 2007

Tarja Turunen - My Winterstorm

1. Ite, Missa Est (0:27)
2. I Walk Alone (3:53)
3. Lost Northern Star (4:22)
4. Seeking For The Reign (0:5
5. The Reign (4:07)
6. The Escape Of The Doll (0:32)
7. My Little Phoenix (4:02)
8. Die Alive (4:04)
9. Boy And The Ghost (4:36)
10. Sing For Me (4:16)
11. Oasis (5:10)
12. Poison (Alice Cooper Cover) (4:01)
13. Our Great Divide (5:05)
14. Sunset (0:36)
15. Damned And Divine (4:29)
16. Ciaran's Well (3:37)
17. Minor Heaven (4:00)1
8. Calling Grace (3:06)1
9. Damned Vampires & Gothic Divine (bonus) (5:01)


Gracias a:

Kiss - Alive I

3.Got To Choose
4.Hotter Than Hell
6.Nothin' To Lose
7.C'Mon And Love Me


1.Watchin' You
2.100,000 Years
3.Black Diamond
4.Rock Bottom
5.Cold Gin
6.Rock And Roll All Nite
7.Let Me Go Rock And Roll