lunes, 23 de abril de 2007

Kiss - 1988 Chikara Japanese Compilation (@320)

A Japanese CD only compilation. Very rare. Released in anticipation of the Japan Tour 1988. Only 100,000 copies of this compilation were made. Early copies included a special sew-on patch of the Chikara symbol. Chikara picture discs are NOT official, and are bootleg.
01. Rock And Roll All Nite
02. Detroit Rock City
03. Love Gun
04. I Was Made For Lovin' You (Remix)
05. Creatures Of The Night (Remix)
06. I Love It Loud (Remix)
07. War Machine (Remix)
08. Lick It Up
09. All Hell's Breakin' Loose
10. Heaven's On Fire
11. Thrills In The Night
12. Who Wants To Be Lonely
13. Uh! All Night
14. Tears Are Falling