lunes, 5 de enero de 2009

Billy Idol - 2008 Idolyze Yourself (Best Of) (Full DVD)

Video List:

01. Dancing With Myself
02. Hot In The City (Uncensored Version)
03. White Wedding (Part 1)
04. Rebel Yell
05. Eyes Without A Face
06. Flesh For Fantasy
07. Catch My Fall
08. To Be A Lover
09. Don't Need A Gun
10. Sweet Sixteen
11. Mony, Mony (Live)
12. Cradle Of Love (Extended Billy Idol Only Version)
13. L.A. Woman


Password: Uluru

This DVD makes me remember those days when MTV was begining, it was a great chanel, not like nowdays with stupid cartoons and foolish programming for young retards. Sorry if I offended somebody but it is my very humble opinion. ALL IS ABOUT GREAT MUSIC!!!

See ya my friends.